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“If you mess with black people’s money, they will rise up and take it back.” Got that right! I’m so thankful that I was raised by an honest and upright, God-fearing pastor.At Mac’s apartment, Michaela gets comfortable on his sofa as Mac pours two glasses of liquor before they watch “Imitation of Life.” Darius and Grace wait for her daughter to show up to meet them for dinner at Farm & Table.“To sin means to turn away, but to repent means to turn back.” I know that Bishop is no angel, but unlike Basie, I really believe that Bishop believes in the power of God even if his humanity fails him from to time.Grace looks at her father as if she wants to repent of trying to avenge the death of her sister on her own instead of leaving the vengeance to God as He commands. Kevin agrees to care for his son while Charity goes to Nashville and she says he can stay at the estate while she is gone.He clutches her arms and tells her, “Don’t do that in front of them.” It’s obvious this guy may be an abuser so Zora calls her cousin to pick her up.The only problem is that Sophia is supposed to be on the way to meet her mother and Darius at a restaurant.Kerissa calls Basie and his wife Tasha Bonnie and Clyde and says she should have known something was up when she found that one-hundred dollar bill on the floor.

” I guess since he has no job prospects, he has nothing to lose by revealing his true character.She agrees to his invitation, but now she has to figure out who will take care of Nathan while she is away.Before the Triumph train crashes, Jacob finally divulges Basie’s poker scam to his wife Kerissa.Yes, he expects his flock to make up for the funds he lost in poker. In service, he tells them to admit they’re “in sin” and they need to “dig deep” and “sow a seed of faith.” Then he says, they got “skanktafied.” See what I mean?

Back at Calvary, Bishop tells his flock that while he could preach about the wages of sin, he wants to talk about the gift on the other side of the equation.

(Am I the only one who thinks the truck was about to blow up? He takes her back to the estate, where he is enthralled by the grandeur of the Greenleaf home.