When did the concept of dating begin

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Thus it will be clearer what else must be added to the view in question in order to provide a complete account of concepts.Second, the demands on a theory of concepts are logically related to each other, and such relationships themselves serve to raise problems for various candidate theories of concepts.For instance, a Platonistic view of the metaphysics of concepts takes concepts to be abstract entities that are neither physical nor spatiotemporal.But such a metaphysical commitment as to the nature of concepts has consequences with respect to the right conditions on concept possession.Performing such sorting behavior accurately is a prerequisite for various sorts of knowledge, thus categorization is of interest to philosophers working in epistemology, and explaining how such behavior happens is of interest to psychologists.Categorization seems to have something to do with one’s grasp of the concept of being a star, but what is the relationship between that ability, the grasping of that concept, and the nature of that concept in itself?Concepts are of central importance to an overall theory of cognition and the mind.Our thoughts, especially those that express or involve propositions, are analyzed and distinguished from one another by appeal to various facts involving concepts and our grasp of them.

Such capacities involve our knowledge in an essential way, and thus such philosophical issues regarding our epistemic capacities are tied to issues about concepts and their nature.But the nature of concept possession is itself a bit mysterious.Is there just one way to possess a given concept, or might there be many such ways?For instance, one sort of objection faced by a Platonist is that Platonism about concepts would render concepts unpossessible.

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That is, if concepts are nonspatiotemporal, it is difficult to see how beings like ourselves could ever be related to concepts in such a way as to possess or understand them.The article also gives a detailed exposition of the main theories of concepts that have been proposed, along with some of the more important objections that have been raised in criticism of each. Alternatively, one’s utterance of that sentence expresses the proposition that Polaris is a star.

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