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A standard definition webcam is usually a great value for the budget-conscious.

These webcams are ideal for video chatting, taking photos, and creating, emailing or posting video blogs.

Juno is the latest success story of the Toronto Zoo's Polar Bear Breeding Program and participation in the Species Survival Plan.

The Toronto Zoo would like to thank the Canadian Army for their support of Juno.

In her first year, Toronto Zoo staff worked towards transitioning a dependent newborn into an independent youngster.

The next step is for her to be socialized with other polar bears to further her development towards becoming an adult bear.

The raccoon quickly climbs into the nest, tussles briefly with the osprey and goes in for the kill as the helpless chicks lay still.In a statement posted about the incident, the GRCA wrote, "While it is sad that these osprey chicks will not fledge this year, it reminds us that the lives of osprey are not easy.