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This definition does not include an athletic club, health club, school, gymnasium, reducing salon, spa or similar establishment where massage or similar manipulation of the human body is offered as an incidental or accessory service.

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The Board of Supervisors shall have the authority to permit the use or deny the use in accordance with the standards governing conditional use applications.The title of this chapter is "An ordinance to limit and restrict to specified districts or zones, and to regulate therein, buildings and structures according to their construction and the nature of and the extent of their use, and the nature and extent of the uses of land, in Lehigh Township, Northampton County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, hereinafter referred to as the Township, and providing for the administration and enforcement of the provisions therein contained and fixing penalties for the violation thereof."To guide and regulate the orderly growth, development, and redevelopment of the Township, in accordance with a comprehensive plan of long-term objectives, principles, and standards deemed beneficial to the interests and welfare of the people; Except as hereinafter provided, no buildings or structures or part thereof and no lot or land or part thereof shall hereafter be used except in conformity with the use regulations herein prescribed.