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She reviewed my recent charges, and I pinpointed the ones I hadn’t made.

She flagged them for investigation, and I asked to cancel my card so no more charges could be made. It’s important to report a stolen credit or debit card — or card number — quickly to limit your liability for unauthorized charges, according to the Federal Trade Commission. The most you’ll have to pay for unauthorized credit card charges is .

I wanted the extra protection for two reasons: 1) I was unsure how the thief got my credit card information, and 2) My debit card number was used fraudulently within a couple of weeks after the credit card incident. I Responded to Every Letter I Got From the Credit Card Company My credit card company sent me several letters after I reported the fraud on my account.

If you’re a victim, don’t ignore any communication from your credit company.

My actual card was plucked from my wallet years ago while I was chatting to a vendor at a crowded outdoor market.

So, I had experience dealing with credit card theft and knew exactly what to do when I discovered the recent fraudulent charges.

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If you find errors, alert the credit bureau to dispute them.

And, it can be used to prove you’re a victim of identity theft so you can get a credit freeze placed on your credit reports for free, which is when the report I filed came in handy (more on that below). I Checked My Credit Report for Other Signs of Fraud Because someone used my card number rather than my actual card, it could’ve meant they got it through a data breach and had other personal information about me that could be used to steal my identity.