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As well as this, we’ve found that people with more tummy fat also go on to develop shorter telomeres, which are likely to worsen the problem of insulin resistance.

Add to this the fact that tummy fat is more inflammatory than thigh fat — and thus highly damaging to the cells of your immune system — and you can see how having a large middle poses a triple-threat to any chance of you achieving a healthy, youthful vitality. Yes, it’s a something of a cliche to say that sugar is the new smoking.

When we examined people who drink around two cans (approximately 600ml) of sugary soft drinks every day, we found that their telomeres were around 4.6 years older than those in people who avoid soft drinks.

That, astonishingly, is about the same amount of telomere shortening as we’d expect to find in smokers.

Encouraging your telomeres to grow and flourish will protect you against all manner of diseases and the early onset of old age — and your tummy will certainly become trimmer, too. Not only is it packed with empty calories, but it wreaks havoc on your body, ageing you inside and out.

You’ll be delighted to hear that starvation or strict rules that cut out whole food groups are not part of the plan. We even found that enjoying soft drinks every day had the same ageing effect on the telomeres as smoking.

All this week, we’ll give you mouthwatering, telomere-friendly meal ideas to inspire you to make vital nutritional changes.

Telomeres offer a priceless insight into the foods that are best for us.

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This is because the fat stored just under the skin or in the limbs may be protective, while fat stored deep inside us — in the belly, liver or muscles — is a real threat to the health of our telomeres, and therefore a threat to how well we will age.From counting every last calorie to eating nothing but cabbage soup, or trying foods of just one colour and living off baby purees (the mind boggles), you could try a different diet every day this year and still have some left over.Scientifically speaking, though, there’s only one weight-loss tip you really need to learn to get a healthy figure and a radiant youthfulness. You can trust us when we say this; one of us is a Nobel prize-winning molecular biologist and the other a health psychologist, and we’ve devoted years to discovering how to slow life’s clock and the ageing process — inside and out. The answer lies at the end of your chromosomes — the string-like structures that house your DNA.And — as we’ll explain, much to the relief of those who dread getting on the scales — it’s more your shape that’s really important, not your your body shape matters Many of us devote a huge amount of time and emotional energy to eating less, convinced that being super-slim will make us feel younger and healthier.

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Yet being overweight (but not obese) is — surprisingly — not strongly linked to ageing and having shorter telomeres.

(In fact, depression is three times more likely than your weight to adversely affect your telomeres.)Nor is being overweight (again, not obese) strongly linked to increased mortality.

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