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Contrast with the MST3K Mantra, which tells us not to worry about these little details; Accidentally Correct Writing, which is when non-experts think the creators are wrong, but experts know the creators are right by complete accident; and Like Reality Unless Noted, where what appears to be a research failure can be written off as the result of an Alternate History or Alternate Universe.

For Real Life examples of this in action regarding media, see Cowboy Be Bop at His Computer.

Mercury was the god of flowers and bouquets, which is why today he is a registered trademark of FTD florists. The person to ask for information about the White House as a building would be a tour guide, which means that whoever decided he needed to talk to the class about it had their own failure.

Why they named a planet after this guy, I can't imagine.

This can be Played for Laughs by having a Book Dumb character make such an error so that a smarter character can spot and react to it.

liberian dating customs-20

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The John Hope Franklin Research Center is a repository and outreach division for African and African American history and culture in the David M.

In the Kpelle tradition, the bride price includes exchange of gifts such as dried meat, kola nuts and palm wine between the two families.