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Just as the Ivan was about to attack again, an explosion occurred in the training facility above. However, Chris and Jill learned the truth about Wesker and then proceeded to foil his plot by destroying the T-002 Tyrant, along with the facility itself.

Wesker gave a soft smile as the facility's charges detonated, with the blast catching Sergei and his Ivan off guard. Shortly before he was confronted by Chris and Jill, Wesker injected himself with a Prototype virus given to him by his partner, William Birkin.

He also expressed hope that Chris and Jill would live long enough for the three of them to have their "tear-filled reunion", laughing maniacally at the thought of seeing them again.

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He told Sergei that his intent was to destroy the facility, as it was of no further use. operatives who entered the mansion (including Wesker himself), only four members of Alpha team, along with Bravo team's Enrico Marini and Rebecca Chambers, managed to survive against the various creatures and Bio Organic Weapons that infested the facility, although Marini would later be assassinated by Wesker when the former found evidence of Wesker's involvement with Umbrella.Still holding the illusion of his death, Wesker avoided showing himself publicly and instead took to being the contact between the opposing organization and its spies.When Raccoon City suffered a t-Virus outbreak, Wesker sent an agent by the name of Ada Wong to retrieve the G-virus sample in the (unknowing) possession of William's only daughter Sherry Birkin, hidden within her pendant.Using his new abilities, Wesker matched the persistence of Lisa, jumping high into the air to avoid her more damaging attacks.

Wesker shot the chandelier above them loose, and lured Lisa under it.

Unfortunately for Wesker, Sergei had already taken action against him; he downloaded the data to the U. F-013 and used the Red Queen to lock Wesker out the mainframe system. She followed Wesker to the main hall, although this time he chose to ignore her and find another route, as the mansion was about to self-destruct and he knew that Lisa would not die easily. Wesker began to see why she had been called 'immortal', since all of the weaponry he emptied into her was apparently not enough to finish her off.

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