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Neighbor Talitha had a bunch of brushes ready, as well as samples of the paint as it would look after it had been fired in the kiln.

Okay that sentence was still too long and I can't stop myself and now I'm worried they're going to find my cold dead body here hunched over my keyboard sometime tomorrow so I'm going to try harder to move on.

After we'd driven back to Florence, we had one more thing on the agenda for Christmas Adam. Yeah, whatever you're thinking, rest assured Grayson's already covered it.

We pulled out a store-bought birthday cake for Nathaniel so that we could celebrate his birthday -- if even in a small way -- with some of his cousins before the real bulk of Christmas activities overtook us.

I just don't know what says "My birthday is six days before Jesus's" more than Vader and Luke having it out on the top of your cake.

And I know that some of you are already laughing because I pulled a Michael Jackson and blurred Baby G's face out of these pictures.

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Debbie decorates her home for the holidays more thoroughly than anyone else I've ever known. So at , we walked across the street for each of the kids to paint a pottery ornament.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t carry some unique challenges, especially when you are just getting to know each other.