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27-Sep-2017 14:43

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(Oh, how familiar that scenario sounds…)When that guy broke her heart (as those types always do), her mom sent her a care package: running shoes, a Sephora gift card and “He’s Just Not That Into You,” a dating advice book based on the eponymous slogan that rose to fame on the hit HBO show, “Sex and the City,” and later turned into a megastar Hollywood film. “And I can tell.”Dating advice books might promise your very own Cinderella (or Emma) story, but they don’t always deliver.

Emma took the mantra to heart and when that guy came crawling back, she kicked him to the curb. Using three popular dating advice books, we dish out the dirt on what works and what really, really doesn’t.

“Being in a romantic relationship with many people will work against intimate self-disclosure since there’s an element of competition,” says Eastwick.

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She adored him, cancelled plans to be with him and did everything on his terms.

“The more alternatives you perceive, the less committed you feel, so maintaining more relationships means you’re more likely to pass up Mr.

Right.” In fact, a 2010 study found that having more options actually your chances of choosing Prince Charming.

Larger dating pools caused information overload, leading study participants to choose less compatible mates based on more superficial traits.

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THE STUDY, EXPLAINED: Fewer Options, Better Mate Choice Experts question whether you can really assess your options when you’re juggling too many balls (har har).

“Dating a few people casually may make you more likely to convey the idea that you’re not desperate,” says Paul Eastwick, Ph.

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