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10-Jul-2018 03:07

People think, “look at the cute kittens and this cool chick with tattoos,” and then I hit them with reality and many of them get it. It discourages men and women from getting involved.Personally I don’t like the term Cat Lady – or worse, Crazy Cat Lady. The whole point of Kitten Lady is changing perceptions of fostering and what being a “Cat Lady” is.I have to have personal boundaries and modeling appropriate fostering behavior because many people have told me they now foster because of me. Put away the cat ears, get your lint brush and don’t bring your photos of your cats with you!If you are going to change the law, you have to go in as a normal participant of society.For me It’s about transformative social justice work that I try to make accessible.I’m using the fact that people on the internet love cats to create a vehicle for creating social change. I think the “Crazy Cat Lady” trope can be problematic.

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” A switch turned in my mind and I was like “Fuck this, I’m not eating animals.” When I was 15 I went to a show and PETA was there. ” They handed me a pamphlet and I thought, “Oh shit, I guess I’m a vegan now.” So I just ate bagels and PBJ sandwiches. Much has been written about your first cat Coco, your first ever kitten rescue, but can you tell us how your second cat Eloise came into your life?

I’d see a kid sticking his head under a car and ask what they were looking at and they’d say, “there’s a kitten under there.” I wanted to help, and had opportunities to help. One summer when I was 12 I went on a tour of state fairs with my dad.

The first few years I wasn’t doing it with or for anyone, just on my own. I’d never been to agricultural places, and I saw all these farm animals and thought they were so awesome.

You can be social, not be a shut-in, be busy, travel and still do it [foster, have cats].

Having Kitten Lady [as a persona/brand], makes me even more stringent about how I do things. I’m the most intentional person when it comes to making change for cats and I try to show that One thing I do is help teach people about how to become better advocates for cats, and how to change laws in their communities.

To what do you attribute your interest in neo-natal kittens?