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The standard-issue M16A2 rifle fires NATO-compatible 5.56mm cartridges.

You've been covering Natalee Holloway's disappearance for over three months, virtually non-stop except for the break caused by Hurricane Katrina. Gets Creepy: Hard on the heels of his post defending Bill Bennett's claim that being black means you're more likely to commit crimes, Matt Yglesias veers off into creepy social-engineering land with this: Excuse me?"Some of us" are trying to figure out how to make more American babies faster?I was busy and forgot to check it last week, then didn't see it until the deadline had passed last night.

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This was the cartoon and winning caption from the 13 June 2005 contest (#8): Politics Sing Along With Georgie: During today's White House Press Briefing, ABC Correspondent Terry Moran said this of President Bush's plan to visit Texas in the wake of Hurricane Rita: "But it sounds like a bit of a photo op, one that he'd prefer over playing the guitar at the airport photo op before Katrina." Regrettably, Mr. The photo of Bush playing a guitar by AP Photo/ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz was taken in San Diego Tuesday, August 30, more than a day after Katrina had hit the Gulf Coast, more than 24 hours after portions of New Orleans were under water.He wasn't discussing the feasibility of a scheme that he was "examining." He was jabbing a knife in the unprotected back of the upper class who simply let the suffering go on and on.