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Wallace is played by Kieran Culkin in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. Knives Chau is a 17-year-old Chinese-Canadian high-school girl and self-described "Scott-aholic".

Scott dates her for a short while, but breaks up with her after he meets Ramona (though he initially "forgets" to break up with her).

O'Malley said that Scott was not based on any one person, though referring to a friend he said "[there is] is the only guy who has any claim to inspiration for Scott, and it’s purely visual — the personality is all fiction." Scott is played by Michael Cera in the film Scott Pilgrim vs. Shortly before filming began, Cera received a list of secrets (some of which are already in the books, some of which are neither in the books nor the film) about the character.

Cera said: "The one that really stays in my head is that Scott, in his mind, is the star of his own movie. This is his weird perception of the world around him." Cera also voices Scott for the animated short Scott Pilgrim vs. Ramona Victoria "Rammy" Flowers is an American expatriate from New York, a "ninja delivery girl" for Amazon and Scott's main love interest.

Wallace is more intelligent, responsible and mature than Scott: he holds down a job and pays for most of their expenses while they lived together as roommates.

Most of their apartment's furniture and possessions belong to Wallace and he buys the majority of their groceries.

He is 25 years old and first met Scott in college; the circumstances in which they met are unknown - a flashback shows that both were drunk and headed to Wallace's.Her head glows periodically, usually when she is upset, jealous, or heartbroken (this is revealed to be the work of Gideon who has zapped Ramona with 'the glow' a psychological weapon that locks the target in their own head with nothing but their emotional baggage), though she herself is unaware of this until Kim Pine brings attention to it in volume 5. But things about her family-she's kind of a tragic figure in a way.

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But with a renewed commitment to their wedding vows and a willingness to try out some less traditional methods of keeping the love alive -- methods that embrace the tools of techno-romance that are so second nature to our generation -- they've stepped out as a couple that, for the moment, we can look to for some romantic inspiration and validation. I have been touring the country interviewing young men and women for my upcoming book on modern romance, and the number of couples I meet who have spent time living apart and "doing long-distance" is astounding.… continue reading »

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